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If fashion is a way of life, Àtiz offers a unique way to experience the art of living. Established in 2011 by designer Swati Padmaraj, Àtiz creates sophisticated women’s wear for those seeking to encounter classic style in beautiful new ways. The story of Àtiz is one of engagement, of conversation, and, perhaps above all, of fusion. Originally from Mumbai, Swati Padmaraj produces a way for Eastern tradition and Western innovation to meet and merge in the elegance of a single style. In other words, she takes the striking textiles of her Indian homeland and combines them with the classic silhouettes of Western daywear to shape stunning, modern designs.


Using high quality materials, detailed construction, and refined finishings, Àtiz gives the international woman a wearable experience in distinctive fashion that is at once exotic and recognizable. Ready to travel the world, the contemporary woman needs an adaptable garment to suit her every need. Àtiz provides these bold, adventurous women with the stylish versatility to go anywhere, anytime. Every Àtiz design is made to transition, with an effortless grace that is inimitable, from a chic day look into an inventive night look. More than just about what adorns your body, the styles of Àtiz are a way to proclaim a passion for the new, the exciting, the unforeseen.


If one word had to speak for the house of Àtiz, that word would be inspiration—it is sewn into every stich of clothing. Àtiz aspires not only to make the world beautiful, but to change it as well. Fashion motivates people to be, and to transform. It is the magic of inspiration and transformation that sustains the creative energy at Àtiz, and it is this energy that gives you a voice, a mode of expressing yourself in new and imaginative ways. Àtiz is elegance. Àtiz is luxury. Àtiz is inspiration.

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