If your clothes do not fit you anymore, don't get a panic attack. You may have grown a tad bit larger  or smaller but that is no reason to be embarrassed and stop yourself from wearing what you like. All you need is - to find the right piece. The one that fits you well and compliments your personality. Once you understand your silhouette, proportion and fit then you will look fantastic no matter what you wear.


Here are three points to remember - 


1.  Examine the fit - Before you plan to make any purchase, make sure you try out the garment as different brands have different size and fit aesthetics and you may not fit in your regular size. Emphasize on the perfect fit, fall and proportion. If you get these three elements correct then whatever you wear is yours.


 2.  Accentuate correctly - We all have that certain parts of our body we feel uncomfortable to show off. If you are one of them then keep it covered. Play with the designs, prints and patterns. For example - if you are uncomfortable showing your stomach then wear a flared top which allows you to breathe easy and keeps your style intact.


 3.  Know your body - No one can ever know your body better than yourself. So buy a piece that compliments you. Adds to your beauty and accentuates your personality.


 We may have the perfect fit for you.