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Are you having a "I have nothing to wear" moment again? Do you open your closet and go " pfff.. what do I wear?". Well if you are one of those then it's time to revisit your wardrobe. Which basically means add the essentials, mix and match and you will never go wrong.


So what are these essentials anyway?


A few basic pieces that are easy to wear with almost anything at anytime.


White shirt or t-shirt : There is nothing more versatile than a white shirt . You can layer it under a sweater, pair it with a blazer or cardigan, tuck it in your skirt, wear it with your denims or just wear it over a tank top. There are many ways you can rock a white top.


A maxi dress - A comfortable article of clothing every woman must own. Maxi dresses are versatile. You can wear it at work with a cardigan or with a blazer . You can also accessories it and wear as evening dress with high heels and dangling earrings.


A chic blazer - When you feel the  need of an extra something to pull together an office look. A blazer can be worn in two ways. You either wear it or keep it on your shoulder as a style statement. You can wear it to your office with your pants or over your cocktail dress. It will never go wrong.


Classic navy blue dress - A "MUST HAVE". Yes! A navy blue dress is a must in every woman's wardrobe. Once again, it is a color that depicts versatility. You can wear it for your corporate meetings with your sweater, blazer or you can bedazzle it with accessories and make up and make it a party wear.


Some bold prints - You must own at least article of clothing with bold prints on it. For one of those days then you feel down. A bright dress will really cheer you up. It also shows people that your are confident and are not shy to experiment with your looks.


Classic pumps - Flats may be in demand this time of the year but there is no escaping that heels are still a strong must-have. One pair , either blue, black , brown or grey will take you from the boardroom to the bar with ease.


Sundress - Because it's just a dress which will make other people adore you. For all the weekend brunches, hangouts and resort parties. Sundresses are a comfortable wear which is chic , elegant and quirky at the same time.


Silk scarf - An accessory which instantly upgrades your look. Throw it around your neck while you are wearing your pant suit or wrap it around on your dress to keep yourself warm in style. If you find a silk scarf anywhere, you got to invest!


Little black dress - Do we even need to talk more?


Ballet flats - A shoes so versatile, it can go from your work-wear to events, parties and to even official dates. Comfort and style rolled up in one.


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