Someone once said - " Experience it for yourself".


We could not agree more. Traveling is not about the miles you go but the journey and experience.


Women who love to travel are independent and free spirited, adventurous and intelligent.  She is confident and secure, bold and daring and does not hesitate from showing her feminine side. She likes to explore new things, build new relationships and discover places keeping her style intact.


On one hand we do advise you to travel light and comfortable, so on the other hand we would also like you to stay equipped for any kind of situation you may face. Don't get us wrong, we do not mean you have to look like you just walked out of Harrods but what we mean is - travel independently and like a pro.


So here are the things you must keep in mind before you pack your bags -


Pack Light -  Traveling means a lot of moving around, visiting places, discovering things and well sometimes hitch hiking. In that case, you would want to stay as mobile as possible. So pack things that are necessary and with which you can hop around places without even thinking twice.


Don't forget to pack a dress - Always advisable to keep at least one dress and a pair of nice shoes in case you happen to attend a dressy event or you meet someone who you would want to go out with. You just never know when the situation might arrive. Therefore stay ready.


Skin care essentials - Traveling can get exhausting. You will have to deal with changing weather, dust, sun, rain and what not. Therefore make sure you carry all your skin care essentials. Night cream, day cream, sun block lotion and face wash are your best friends here. Most importantly - always keep yourself hydrated by carrying a water bottle.


Do not depend on the tour guide - If being independent matters to you then we simply suggest you look-up information online with the help of your smartphones. Most of what you need to know or discover is available online. Well for those who are not very tech savvy, invest in a good guide book. Knowledge is power so keep yourself well informed.  Another point, the tour guide may cheat you but a book will never.


When in Rome, act like a Roman -  Get to know the culture. Meet the natives of the place, do what they do, eat what they eat. Make new friends , use the local transport to get the real feel of the place. Only then will you be able to call your travel "An Experience".


Be safe -  Be independent but also be safe. Ask questions, find out which part of the city is not safe for women, keep your wallets, passports in a protected area, make sure you stay around people and watch-out for pick pockets.


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