Who is an Atiz woman? What is she like? What does she do? What is her personality traits? What is her style? What does she believe in?


So many questions come to our head when we think about the women we cater to. Women who are stylish, confident and independent. Women who dress not for others but for themselves. Recently we did a little survey on the personality traits of our loyal clients and came to a very Atiz conclusion -


  1. She is an uptown girl who is fearless, she experiments and her style is impeccable.

  2. She is a woman with substance

  3. She is elegant, sheer, polished and has class

  4. She likes luxury but does not splurge

  5. She is fashionably refined

  6. She pays attention to quality

  7. She leaves a long lasting appeal on others

  8. She values style and not trends

  9. She understands design, detailing and craftsmanship

  10. She does not need anyone to make her successful. She is focused and goal oriented.


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