In the speeding world of fashion, defining comfort, style and being ladylike has always been very subjective. What is comfortable to you may not be stylish to others. Therein lies the lack of clarity on the classification and standards of comfort and style. We at Atiz Fashion help you redefine your panache. We believe in the supremacy of clothing and what it communicates to the onlooker. This makes our garments elegant and timeless. The versatility of our pieces will take you from Coachella music festivals unto carpet events because the attire’s conception is a perfect blend of classic design with a modern touch.


We compose history, art and science together to create exclusive garments that fit the independent woman of today. It’s their attitude that truly clothes them. Women who want their clothing to be an investment, women who are aware of the importance of creating powerful wardrobe; these ladies are not swayed by the fashion trends but believe in making a style statement which enhances their individuality. Those who leave a lasting style appeal are the ones who sit outside the arena of rigid trends.


We make garments for women who wear their style as an emotional talent. Atiz clothing's not only illustrates beauty but also personal aesthetics.They are defined by clean designs and high level of craftsmanship. We make luxury clothing affordable for the independent women.


Having said all that -  Take a look at our latest collection and discover your style appeal. Feel free to leave your comments.