It is said that "The way you dress, speaks for you". It talks about who you are, where you have come from and what you want to become. The way you dress is an extension of yourself. It is an unspoken language.


It is also said that - In business when we dress, we basically decide whether or not we're going to be bestsellers. This is absolutely true not only for business but in all walks of life. Let’s go down the memory lane and look at some of the world's most powerful women, who used fashion to highlight their best selves.


Angelina Jolie - The red lips, signature head to toe black ensemble and the carefree style has quite won the world. This Hollywood mogul has become a household name in the past decade. From Bad Girl to a renowned humanitarian, Angelina Jolie has come a long way to become a style icon that she is today. From midi skirt, tunics, sundresses to ball gowns, mom jeans and a men's tuxedo, when it comes to making a statement, there is nothing that Jolie has not nailed.


Indira Gandhi - Former Prime Minister of India always wore saree with high collar blouse which showed her powerful style. Her style and charisma are talked about even today.


Amal Clooney - One of the best Human Rights lawyer and International activist is known for her intelligence and her style. Her signature style is a well-tailored skirt suit.


Michelle Obama - Known as one of the most stylish First Lady of the United States, rocks knee length dresses, skirt suits and occasionally ball gowns to show the bold and confident side of her. She does not hesitate trying on new things like prints and patterns.


Sania Mirza - One of the most revered tennis players in the world, now a Padma Shri and a youth Icon. Sania's effortless style needs no introduction. Usually seen in a pair of denims, t-shirt and a jacket, Sania does not hesitate in embracing other genres of fashion like the red carpet gowns and sarees/lehengas.


Priyanka Chopra - Now a worldwide name, two times "People’s Choice" award winner and Bay Watch Babe. This Quantico star has made her mark everywhere. From the red carpet of Filmfare till the Emmy and Oscars. She surely isn't planning to stop anytime soon. Gracing the cover of Times magazine to being crowned as one of world’s most influential women , our desi girl has got it all in control. Making India Proud!     


Indira Nooyi - the current Chairperson and CEO of PepsiCo ,Usually seen in the shades of grey, blue, brown and black. Indira Nooyi is known for a pant/skirt suits, blazers and salwar suit looks. Miss Nooyi dons elegant and simple pieces of accessories, she is a minimalist. Her choice of clothing, hairstyle and the scarf around her neck depicts power and success.

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