No, it's not a wealthy husband . Truth be told - No amount of money or fame can ever keep you happy. It will merely give you temporary satisfaction which will eventually start to fade.


Please remember that along with your career and other big achievements of life, real happiness comes from simple things you do. You will be amazed to see how little bit of rearrangements in your daily life can become a catalyst for meaningful and positive changes.


Haven't you come across women who are always upbeat and happy and no matter what life throws at them, they seem to just roll back with punches? Women who have a hectic job, a demanding husband and  children to take care of. How is that, they always manage to put a smile on their faces and radiate positive vibes? How is that there happiness quotient is so high? Yes there is simple and easy formula for happiness. Here it is.


  1. Start your day with a workout - Yes, respect your body and it will respect you back. It has been scientifically proven that people who exercise for at least 30 minutes a day are healthier and live longer than those who do not.  They are more productive, happier and experience less stress.
  2. Dress well - People who dress better, feel more confident and are more productive at work. They feel good about themselves hence the difference. Find your fit and style.
  3. Give back - Do you give 10% of your income to your favorite charity or church? There is something about giving back to the universe that makes you feel content, it allows you to receive more in return. Therefore make sure that you do one act of kindness everyday. Help the poor in whatever way you can, clothe them, give them food, feed the animals, protect the weak. Remember, karma!
  4. Stay connected with family - Excuse us for saying this but if you'd ask the top 5 regrets of someone on the death bed , they would say " I wish I spent more time with my loved ones".  Family comes first , so make sure you find time for your loved ones. Technology has made our lives so much more easier. We are all one skype away.
  5. Do not hold grudges - Because people with substance have no time for that. If you can condition your mind to focus on the good that your are doing and the good things in your life then you are not going to be tempted to focus on any other thing or person.

So this is our mantra to stay happy. Hope you will follow and experience the true joys of life.

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