Don't just waste your life in black, brown and grey. Wearing bright colors can lighten up your day. Yes, it is true.The colors do affect on the mood but wearing bright colors can get tricky and if not done in the right way, might end up looking garish and over-the-top. Now it may sound a little twisted, however there is no need to fear bright colors. The idea is to have fun with your clothes in a smart way. So gather the right knowledge, mix it with a little bit of thought and you will be ready to go.


 It is also true that wearing colors has some health benefits too. Changing your shopping habits can boost your well-being and self-esteem. Researchers say that "When we look at certain colours , it triggers neurological responses in the brain and causes the glands to release hormones". We bet you didn’t know that! Did you?


 Warm bright colours like red, pink, yellow release feel good hormones which improve your mood and heighten the attention span. Blue on the other hand makes you feel calm. It is a color of trust and confidence. One of the reasons why people in the corporate world wear blue often.


We at Atiz believe in creating a awe-inspiring wardrobe so that every morning when you open your wardrobe door, you smile and select your way to your favorite #ootd.  Incorporating colors isn't only about getting noticed or standing out, it is about the feel good factor. If you have never worn colors or avoid wearing, then try them out and you will see the difference.


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